The Railroad and the Thriving Industry

By 1870, New Castle became one of the major hubs of the Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad. The introduction of the railroad brought increased jobs and population. In the mere twenty years from 1890 to 1910 the population would increase from 11,600 to 38,280, making one of the fastest growing cities in the country.  By the 1920’s New Castle was home to the largest tin plate mill in the United States. It also had steel and paper mills, a bronze factory and a few car construction plants. 

One of the biggest industries in New Castle was the Shenango China Company. It created many beautiful designs and high quality china that got noticed by many. It became the official china of the White House during both the Eisenhower, and Johnson administration. It spawned several sister companies that made bathroom fixtures and other assorted ceramics of a lesser quality.

 At this time New Castle had a swelling of pride due to its prosperity, and set about to revamp the city. Many of the beautiful buildings that remain there to this day are from this time period. The Scottish-rite Cathedral a well as many of the churches were built during this time. This would also create more jobs further stimulating the city’s economy. It would also start to develop the fireworks industry as well as the hot dog industry, New Castle is famous for. This would mark the peak of its economic prosperity.