Personal Reflection

The city of New Castle has faced many ups and downs. On the outside it appears to be like many of the other cities that were based around mills and factories. Once these factories are used up the town seizes and dies.  The truth is that when a town only has one means of prosperity it is destined to fail. It is not like Pittsburgh, it does not have the ability to adapt and change. Different types of businesses have rolled through here and very few have been effective in jumpstarting their own personal economy, and if they can’t personally be successful than town itself struggles. Sure the air is clear and pollution is down but in a town with more nursing homes and bars than stores what hope does it have to rebound.

The town itself has issues that it needs to resolve. If you ask anyone about New Castle the answer will not be nice. It is filled with examples of meager living, and underdeveloped areas of commerce. There is no industry left in the city and there is no sign of it returning. I am sure that the leaders of this fair town are working on it. When dealing with the environment there is nothing to say. All the nice houses that were built back when times were going well haven’t changed much. In a town full of slumlords and terrible renter the once beautiful houses have gone downhill quickly.  The town is broke and unable to fix the things that need to be fixed. This is why most of the people who are successful in New Castle live somewhere just outside of the city. There is hope and that is that it cannot really get any worse for the residents. It is as bad as it is going to be. It will just slowly drift into nothingness.