Pyrotecnico Fireworks

Interesting Industry

The fireworks industry in New Castle was started in the 1890’s by two companies that are still the best in the business today. Zambelli Fireworks was founded in 1893 in Naples, Italy by Antonio Zambelli. Zambelli immigrated to the United States and established the Zambelli Fireworks Manufacturing Company.The city has paid homage to Zambelli by naming the center of the city after the company. The central plaza is laced with faux- firework posts.  In 1889 an Italian immigrant named Constantino Vitale moved to New Castle and opened a small fireworks shop. The Pyrotecnico Fireworks Company as it was later called was his pride and joy. He worked there for more than thirty years. The company has been handed down through his family for five generations and is still amongst the world leaders in its field. Both companies pride themselves on excellence and safety. All products are safe for the environment and are made with the utmost care.

New Castle is also the Hot Dog capital of the world. In the 1920’s Coney Island opened up and began serving New Castle Chili. The chili is the product of Greek immigrants who arrived in New Castle around 1900. They set up their restaurants in their homes and was one of the original hot dog shops in the country. Coney Island would be franchised and is spawn are amongst one of the biggest hot dog chains in the world.