New Castle Pennsylvania was once an iconic image of the land of opportunity. It once had aspirations of surpassing Pittsburgh as the center of commerce in western Pennsylvania. The goal of this website is to explain how the city of New Castle went from being one of the top industrial cities in the nation to being an industrial wasteland. 
New Castle Pennsylvania was one of the many cities that began to flourish when the early canal systems were installed in western Pennsylvania. The city would grow even larger when the canal system was replaced by the railroad which offered quicker and more efficient ways to transport raw materials from the many different types of mills that occupied the area. Things like steel mills, tin mills, and paper mills were just a few of the different types of businesses that open up in New Castle. New Castle like most cities continued to grow outward. Many different types of businesses and homes were added to soften the demand. The city would continue to grow both in prosperity as well as population until it came to an abrupt end.

Written By. Richard Neal
December 6, 2009